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It is the suggestive title of one of the most comprehensive books ever written about the Prophetic Ministry, the Prophetic Spirit, its mantle, anointing, and gifts. Most particularly, the emphasis of this valuable book is on the character of the Prophet and the process required to form it. This book has a vital projection to the sons and daughters of the Kingdom, those who are aware of their destiny on earth and know that they need the fire and passion that causes the Word to be revealed in the heart. Let All Prophesy! Was the will of God expressed through Moses, to Joshua's claim in relation to Eldad and Medad. That statement brought compliance with the coming of the Holy Spirit to the earth, to dwell in the heart of a prophetic generation of kings and priests.


  • Pasta: Blanda
  • Tamaño: Media carta (5.5x8.5")

Let All Prophesy

  • Envío gratis en compras mayores de L500.00 en La Lima, y mayores de L1,000.00 a nivel nacional.

    El costo de envíos a Centroamérica NO incluye pago de impuestos ni liberación aduanal.

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