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As delicate drops of dew announce dawn's imposing arrival, the veracious testimonies in this book will catapult your faith unto a new dimension. Cover to cover, "Drops of Dew" is soaked with the presence of the healing and restoring Almighty God. Be refreshed in the Lord's love as you read of His mercies. Recommended for ministers and laymen alike, "Drops of Dew" is proof that God is unchanging. His power has no limits, time or frontiers; He is "El-Olam", the eternal God.


  • Pasta: Blanda
  • Tamaño: Media carta (5.5x8.5")

Drops of Dew

  • Envío gratis en compras mayores de L500.00 en La Lima, y mayores de L1,000.00 a nivel nacional.

    El costo de envíos a Centroamérica NO incluye pago de impuestos ni liberación aduanal.

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